Progress report on Learjet 85


Work on the first two flight test aircraft and the complete aircraft static article is well underway

Learjet 85Bombardier Aerospace shared
significant progress details on its new Learjet 85 aircraft highlighting flight
test aircraft production and programme test milestones.

Work on the two first flight test aircraft and the complete aircraft static
test article is well underway, with the production of composite components,
including the unique 32-foot composite pressure fuselage. The joining of the
nose fuselage to the main pressure fuselage, as well as the assembly of the aft
fuselage, vertical stabiliser and tailcone fuselage sections, have all begun at
the Bombardier sites in Wichita, Kansas and Queretaro, Mexico.

The first shipments of wing spars and skins, manufactured at Bombardier’s site
in Belfast, Northern
Ireland have arrived at the Queretaro site, where wing assembly has
started. Additionally, major supplier components, such as the aircraft’s Pratt
& Whitney Canada PW307B
engines are now on site at the final assembly line in Wichita.

Last month, Bombardier broke
ground at the new Learjet facility at Wichita.

“We’re entering an
exciting phase of the programme,” said Ralph Acs, vice president and
general manager, Learjet, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Our sites are
moving full speed ahead and the production of the first flight test aircraft is
progressing very well. We have solid momentum in all areas and it’s great to
see the focus and commitment of our Bombardier employees and suppliers
worldwide as we assemble our first test aircraft and prepare for first

The Learjet 85 was launched on 30 October 2007.