PrivateFly sees over 250% increase in jet card sales


PrivateFly has set records this quarter, reporting a 258% increase in jet card sales in 2022 versus the first three months of last year. March was also PrivateFly’s highest ever month of card sales.

Marine Eugène, PrivateFly and Flexjet European MD, said: “With demand for private aviation remaining at an all-time high across the industry, pricing and availability for individual flights on-demand is very volatile. Clients who fly more regularly are looking for more assurance, both in terms of price and service delivery.

“We are also seeing a preference for premium aircraft types and newer models and have realigned our PrivateFly Jet Card categories to reflect that,” added Eugène.

PrivateFly has brought in a new Super-Midsize jet card, giving holders access to larger aircraft, such as the Citation Latitude and Challenger 350.

PrivateFly launched its jet card in August 2020, based on a minimum commitment of 25 hours. The programme gives a guarantee of availability within 24 hours to pre-defined aircraft types from accredited operators in the firm’s supplier network – with 35 peak day exclusions.

Eugène said: “High demand is creating a challenging situation across the industry, so much so that some providers have withdrawn jet cards, or brought in significant blackout periods over the summer peak.

“We are not complacent about the operational challenges either, but with the strength of our supplier relationships and our expert team, we are confident we can continue to deliver an outstanding service.Clearly the current geopolitical situation is creating some uncertainty, but our advance bookings at this stage indicate a strong summer ahead,” she added.