Private jet companies gear up for Euro finals


Avolus sees an increase in private and business aviation as the the latter stages of Euro 2012 football tournament approaches

Avolus has seen an unsurprising increase in enquiries for chartering private jets to fly to Poland and Ukraine.

Its research reveals that of all the business flights last month from the 16 countries that qualified for the finals, the remaining seven left in the tournament accounted for 80.5%.  In May 2012, there were 1,423 business flights from the 16
qualifying countries, of which 1,145.7 were from those still left in the competition.  France, Germany, England, Italy and Spain had the largest number of such flights.

Alexis Grabar, chief executive and founder of Avolus said: “Some of the English football players’ partners who have flown to the Euro 2012 finals by private jet are not the only ones travelling to the tournament this way.  A number of clients have chartered private jets to do this, and we expect a significant increase in this part of our business as the competition progresses.  From a private jet perspective, the industry would probably hope for a France vs. Germany final as these two countries have the largest number of business flights.”

When it comes to which of the countries still left in Euro 2012 have the highest number of business flights on average, France topped the list last month with 326.9, followed by Germany (292.9) and England (197.9).

Countries still in the Euro 2012 Finals  Number of business flights in May 2012

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