Proficiency protection programme by FSI


FlightSafety are launching the 2012 proficiency protection programme

FlightSafety International announces the 2012 proficiency protection programme. It is designed to help pilots and maintenance technicians of business aircraft who have become involuntarily unemployed since January 2012 to maintain their proficiency by providing no cost training while they look for new employment opportunities.

“We are pleased and proud to have helped our customers through the proficiency protection programme in the past. We now offer it again during 2012,” said Bruce Whitman, president and chief executive “This further demonstrates FlightSafety’s unmatched level of Customer service and support as the only training provider to offer this type of program. It is another example of the many unique benefits and advantages of training with FlightSafety and how we appreciate and reward the loyalty of our Customers.”

Proficiency protection provides a no cost recurrent training course to pilots of business aircraft who were training under a FlightSafety Full Service contract at the time of involuntary job loss. The training will be provided for an aircraft type the pilot trained on under that agreement. Maintenance technicians who were enrolled in the company’s Master Technician program at the time of involuntary job loss may receive the next course towards the completion of the program at no cost.

To be eligible, the loss of employment must be as a result of a staff reduction or job elimination that has occurred since January 2012. Those who have been provided FlightSafety training by a company, organization or individual since their job loss, or have been laid off temporarily, furloughed, or become unemployed for other reasons are not eligible. FlightSafety will schedule the training on an as available basis. The course must be started while the pilot or technician is unemployed and be completed by December 2012.