Pets free travel at ExecuJet Cambridge


ExecuJet launches UK’s first free travel service for pets at Cambridge

ExecuJet dogExecuJet Europe has launched
a complimentary pet handling service at London Cambridge
Airport, enabling
domestic cats and dogs to travel internationally, without quarantine and
overseas vet inspection.

ExecuJet and London Cambridge
Airport are now approved by the
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the UK’s Pet Travel
Scheme (PETS).

John Brutnell, general manager
of ExecuJet UK, says: “We
believe ExecuJet and London Cambridge Airport
are the first in the UK
to offer ‘PETS’ as a free service to passengers. We are sure many of our
clients will take advantage of this new value-added service and have already
received confirmation of one large-cabin jet which will be based at Cambridge to enable the
owner to transport his pets with ease.”

Under PETS, the team at London Cambridge
Airport will check the
pet’s passport, travel credentials and microchip with the owner or the pet’s
escort in the cabin. Once the paperwork has been cleared and stamped as
required, the pet will be free to disembark. All applications to bring a pet
into the UK
under PETS regulations must be emailed to the ExecuJet Cambridge pet handling
team at least 24 hours before flight departure.

ExecuJet Europe reports it
is fully prepared for handling business aviation aircraft during the 2012 Olympic
Games, with a fully trained staff of 10, now situated at the Cambridge FBO. The
company has taken a good number of bookings to date and anticipates a lift in
demand from end-June in preparation for the event.