Nextant Aerospace achieves major milestone on USAF T-1A Jayhawk avionics program


Nextant 400XTi

Cleveland, OHIO – Nextant Aerospace, a global leader in aircraft and component remanufacturing and builders of the 400XTi, G90XT, and 604XT, announced that it successfully completed the initial USAF T-1A AMP certification flight to test its newly installed Avionics Modernisation Program flight deck. The certification flight took place in late March from Field Aerospace’s facility in Oklahoma, United States.

The advanced AMP Flight Deck kits, designed and certified by Nextant Aerospace, are being provided to upgrade the 178 USAF T-1A Jayhawk fleet, as well as the operational flight trainers and part task trainers. The project includes upgrades for the existing cockpits to Pro Line 21TM, building multiple simulators, training aids and courseware. Nextant engineered and amended their existing Pro Line 21 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to meet the requirements and needs of the USAF T-1A AMP Program.

“Field Aerospace chose us based on our ability to work quickly and efficiently with the FAA on military commercial derivative aircraft STC projects as well as our expertise on the Pro Line 21 STC,” noted Colonel Robert Leonard (retired USAF), Nextant Aerospace Director of Government Business.

“The Nextant engineered AMP Flight Deck is configured to support the improvement of USAF Air Education and Training Command (AETC) production, while lowering cost through enhanced T-1A capability and reliability,” said Mark O’Donnell, Vice President Nextant Aerospace.

“In addition, the kit eliminates avionics obsolesce issues and incorporates integrated ADS-B Out functionality to comply with FAA national airspace use requirements. We are proud to partner with Field Aerospace (the program’s prime contractor), Collins Aerospace, HEBCO, FlightSafety International, and others to support the high-quality training of USAF aircrews today and into the future.”

“The certification flight is a very important step toward providing future USAF aircrew with access to modern avionics for aviation training and simulation,“ commented Brian Love, Field Aerospace Chief Operation Officer. “This milestone would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team and partners.”

The USAF T-1A is a training aircraft derivative of the Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP used for advanced training of airlift and tanker pilots. The 400A/XP is also used as the basis for Nextant’s popular 400XTi remanufactured aircraft program which incorporates similar advanced avionics modernisation technology along with modern engines and a redesigned passenger cabin.