Oxford study shows how business aviation is aiding the economic recovery


Oxford Economics has released a study showing how business aviation is connecting the UK with emerging markets.

A new study by Oxford Economics, has shown that business aviation is playing a vital role in connecting the UK with emerging and developing countries, many of which remain poorly served by scheduled carriers.

The research found that 49,000 business aviation flights were taken between Europe and developing countries in 2011, a 32 per cent increase since 2006, while business aviation flights between Europe and developing countries in Asia have more than doubled over the same period. 69 per cent of executives questioned in a 2011 survey reported that they used business aviation because it provided connections to destinations not served by scheduled carriers.

Business aviation also provides vital links between European destinations, according to the report. In 2011, business aviation connected 88,800 city pairs, 96 per cent of which were not served by a scheduled daily service.

Further, Oxford Economics calculated that each passenger on a business aviation flight generates the same GDP contribution as nine business-class passengers on a scheduled flight.

The study also considered the economic impact of business aviation airports and the employment they provide. It found that the sector invests more in training its workers than firms in other similar sectors, or in the economy as a whole: business aviation firms typically invest upwards of £2,800 worth of training per year in each employee, while firms in the UK financial sector of just £800 per employee per year.

Andrew Walters, chairman of London Biggin Hill Airport, said: “This study shows clearly how crucial business aviation is to the UK and to our economic recovery. With a runway capacity crisis in the southeast, and no solution to the problem in sight, business aviation is stepping up to provide a vital link between UK businesses and emerging markets. And, at a time of uncertainty in the eurozone, business aviation is helping to facilitate the conversations which will bring back growth. At Biggin Hill we’re investing in our workforce and expanding our offering, and we’re proud to be a part of a strong and important industry.”