NetJets Europe launches finance for fractional shares


NetJets Europe will start offering financing to its fractional customers.

NetJets Europe will start offering financing to its customers.

Luis Pinto, CFO of NetJets Europe, made the announcement at Corporate Jet Investor’s International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance Conference in London on February 7.

“We are responding to increasing abandonment of aviation financing by banks and lending institutions,” said Pinto. “Finance is particularly needed in key markets like Eastern Europe and Russia markets but will be available across all regions.”

NetJets Inc started offering finance in 2010. “We used the US launch as an opportunity to work out how to test the product before launching in Europe,” says Pinto.

Customers are required to pay a 25% down payment and can take advantage of the tax benefits of asset ownership.

NetJets Europe use its own cash reserves to provide finance with Berkshire Hathaway providing further backing.