NetJets expands Global Sustainability Program


NetJets has launched its expanded Global Sustainability Program, with a commitment to reducing the company’s environmental footprint, focusing on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), corporate responsibility and client participation. NetJets has 750 aircraft in the fleet, the largest in business aviation, with that in mind the US-based operator says it recognises the responsibility to drive awareness and action towards industry-wide challenges.

NetJets has committed to buying 3m gallons of SAF. That’s enough to account for all flights out of San Francisco, California, where the fuel supply is located, and its home base of Columbus, Ohio, in partnership with Signature Flight Support.

Brad Ferrell, Executive Vice President of administrative services, NetJets, said: “Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel purchase is crucial for the continued availability of the product in the market and we’re excited to help create that opportunity, as well as to announce the next phase of our Global Sustainability Program.”

NetJets Europe has been carbon neutral since 2012, participating in the Emissions Trading System, which imposes a cap and cost on emissions but does not necessitate carbon neutrality.

NetJets will offset its administrative and training flights in the US beginning in 2021, amounting to approximately 1,600 flights annually.

The NetJets Blue Skies programme enables owners to purchase carbon credits to offset their travel. The company has also partnered with ClimateCare to offset emissions through projects that support several UN Sustainable Development Goals. As of October 2020, NetJets owners in the US. have offset 75,000 metric tons of carbon. In Europe, the total is more than 1m metric tons.

NetJets will track a number of metrics, including percentage decrease in carbon emissions and miles offset to carbon neutral, to share in bi-annual updates. You can follow NetJets ’sustainability progress here.

Elsewhere, Vistajet has recently launched its Sustainability in Aviation programme. As part of the commitment firm has partnered with SkyNRG, to supply SAF at all Vistajet’s facilities globally.

The Malta-based operator has also put together a new corporate flight offering, Dynamic Corporate Membership. Vistajet, chief commercial officer , Ian Moore, noted: “We want to offer companies maximum flexibility with minimum commitment, as we recognise the need for safer and more reliable solutions as companies look to build back their business for the future.”

Launched in anticipation of the recovery in corporate flying, the new membership is interlinked with Vistajet’s sustainability programme. It offers what the company calls an integrated carbon reduction and carbon offset option, which will track environmental impacts to produce diagnostics of every flight.

Also, Moore told CJI that SAF would be available on all flights where SAF is located and that Vistajet is always looking to expand its sustainability programme.