MySky: Adding extra floors to the building


Business aviation spend management technology is always evolving, what is at the cutting-edge of technology today may be blunted tomorrow. That’s why MySky is “constantly” adding new features and softwares to its services to ensure operations are at the forefront of possibility – its recent integration with myairops, for example.

[Spend management] technology is like the iPhone right?” Chris Marich, co-founder and global strategy director, MySky told Corporate Jet Investor. “At the time the iPhone 6 was great, but in comparison to your iPhone 13 – well there is no comparison. So [with MySky] the base and the infrastructure is the same, but we are always adding extra floors to the building – through features and functionalities.”

The integration means that operators and charter companies who use myairops will now be able to digitalise invoicing, customise budgets and keep performance indicators, and access MySkys benchmarking tools. The new features can all be found in a centralised calendar that automatically uploads the cost data and analysis of each scheduled or past flight in real-time.

myairops customers will be able to access the cost analysis features from Q3 2022.

“We are essentially focused on the financial aspects and costs related to private aviation,” said Marich. “Typically, the costs have always bee siloed from the operational information and this has created a lot of inefficiency industry-wide. So the idea – we are not experts in the scheduling world – to integrate with leading scaling systems is a key part of the value proposition at MySky.”

Marich said MySky has found a like-minded partner in myairops, the two firms first met on a conference panel looking at the importance of being connected. “We share that vision of integrating and sharing data which is something which has not traditionally been very common in our industry. But we think in today’s world sharing information brings a lot of value to everyone.”

The customer is key in shaping what MySky services offers next. The firm holds regular meetings with clients to collect their feedback which the development team then uses to inform new products.

“We have spent a lot of time on allowing our customers to better understand the past and optimise the present. Now we’re looking towards the future – how can we anticipate the future when it comes to charter quoting, budgeting and total ownership cost understanding. One product which highlights this is MySky Tax and there will more announcements to come later this year as well,” said Marich.

“We think using technology makes the business, as a whole, more agile and more adaptable to market conditions,” added Marich.

Chris Marich, co-founder and global strategy director, MySky. (credit: MySky)