Multiflight flies Brownlee brothers back to Yorkshire


Olympic medal winning brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee were flown back from London to Leeds on a Multiflight Dauphin helicopter

Brownlee brothers with medalsMultiflight
flew brothers Alistair and Jonathan from London
to its facility at Leeds aboard one of its charter Dauphin helicopters where a
crowd of people were waiting to welcome them back home to Yorkshire.

was thrilled to fly the Brownlee brothers and their team back to Leeds as they are almost neighbours to the airport!” said
Steve Borrowdale, Multiflight managing director. “They have made Yorkshire and
the UK
proud and it was great to see them with their Olympic medals and to welcome
them back.

continued “They had a reception in Leeds city
centre to attend in the evening and flying back by helicopter ensured they were
back in good time for this.”

the flight back to Multiflight, Alistair and Jonathan, who won gold and bronze
respectively, saw Silverstone, Chatsworth House, Elland Road, the Carnegie training ground
in Leeds, plus lots of other landmarks from
the sky.

arrival at Multiflight they met Steve and Multiflight finance director Miles
Beecham, before talking to the waiting crowd.

Photograph: (left to right) Jonathan and Alistair Beownlee showing their Olympic medals