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Mark Bisset is one of London's leading business jet lawyers. He regularly acts for lenders (including some of Europe's busiest business jet financiers), owners and operators.


Mark Bisset is one of London’s leading business jet lawyers. He regularly acts for lenders (including some of Europe’s busiest business jet financiers), owners and operators.

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Mark’s advice

“With regard to the lawyer’s role, take time out at the start of a deal to have an open discussion with the lawyer as to how the client wants a job done. If the lawyer is to take control of the process and drive it forward then we’ll do it, if the client would rather be seen to be driving it with us in support when asked then we’ll do that. It’s horses for courses and the client should tell the lawyer how he or she wants things done – it’s remarkable how often clients pay lawyers large amounts of money but don’t tell them what they want. We have some clients who are happy for us to take decisions on commercial risks, others don’t – the lawyer should be sufficiently adaptable to take on whatever role he is asked to perform.”

Clients testimonials

Registration lawyer: “As a counsel on transactions, I get to work with lots of good aviation lawyers and also have the opportunity to gauge them from professional perspective – some lawyers might be very popular with clients, but their professional shortcomings are more visible to other lawyers.

I’d rate Mark Bisset and Austen Hall as the best City partners I have worked with – they both have a thorough knowledge of business aviation (legal and commercial aspects), turn out flawless documents and advice, and above all are very pleasant to work with/for. They seem maintain long term working relationships with a broad mix of clients, ranging from lenders, borrowers, commercial operators and large corporates.”

Banker: “My vote goes to Mark Bisset of Clyde&Co, a very knowledgeable and experienced aviation lawyer – excellent work and highly responsive; last but not least at competitive rates.”

Official biography

Mark is Head of Aviation Finance, Clyde & Co, London.

Clyde & Co is a global law firm with a focus on five core sectors: transport, insurance, energy, trade & commodities and infrastructure. The firm employs 2,000 legal professionals in 52 offices in every worldwide region.

Mark’s experience includes loan and lease financing, operating leases and tax-based leases, export credit finance, and aircraft purchase and trading, in a wide variety of jurisdictions.

Mark has been very active over the last 15+ years in the business jet market, acting for financiers, owners and operators. In 2017, Mark was ranked as a Band 1 individual in Private Aircraft (Global-wide) in Chambers High Net Worth, and Clyde & Co was similarly first-ranked. Spear’s Magazine describes Mark as an “eminence grise” of business aviation.

Who’s Who Legal Aviation has commented that Mark is an “exceptional finance lawyer with extensive knowledge of both the commercial airline and business jet market.”

Mark also has extensive aviation regulatory experience, including recently advice on ownership and control issues, sanctions, and slots trading. Mark has recently been heavily involved in Brexit-related advice and led the Clyde & Co team which in January 2018 published the report “Brexit scenarios for business aviation” for the EBAA.

Mark is contributing editor of the annual publication “Getting the Deal Through – Aviation Finance and Leasing 2018” and co-editor of “Getting the Deal Through – Air Transport 2018”. He is the co-author of “Aviation Insurance – Issues in Law and Practice from the Lessor/Lender Perspective”.

Mark is a Guest Lecturer at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University.