‘Lowering the entry barrier’: SkyShare makes changes to fractional ownership


SkyShare has unveiled a new financing programme for its fractional aircraft ownership plans aimed at lowering the entry barrier for small to medium-sized businesses.

The SFX+ programme has seen SkyShare expand its fleet with Gulfstream G450s and Challenger 300s, in addition to its fleet of Pilatus PC-12s, Citation CJ2s and Citation Excels under the existing SFX programme. The new finance options are designed to make it easier for small and medium enterprises to access private aviation while retaining capital in their businesses.

“Part of our culture at SkyShare is to empower small to medium-sized businesses,” Cory Bengtzen, CEO and founder of SkyShare told CJI. “As we work with these entrepreneurial clients to find the best way to fly for their businesses and families, one factor that always comes up is cash flow. Many of our clients who buy a full aircraft often take on debt against the aircraft to keep their cash working within their business(es). So naturally, the question that follows is, ‘Why not do that for fractional ownership?’”

But until now, it just wasn’t possible, it didn’t fit inside the box of “how things are done”, said Bengtzen. “So we decided to do something new and hopefully exciting, and lower the entry barrier, allowing our clients to keep their cash working for them while still taking advantage of all the bonus depreciation tax savings. 

“Remember that most, if not all of our clients, could pay cash for their share, but many would prefer to keep their cash flowing. Moreover, with the finance package we’ve put together, the payments are incredibly low because we can finance the loan over a longer period with a balloon payment when the aircraft sells.”

Fractional ownership already lowers the barrier to entry for private flight by cutting costs as much as 1/16 versus full-ownership, while still providing guaranteed availability and a low-commitment three-year term. Under SkyShare’s new financing plan, the barrier to entry comes down even further.

For example, in the SFX programme, shares start at $335,000. The new financing programme requires only 35% of that down ($117,250) and monthly finance payments as low as $2,354. For the large-cabin SFX+ programme featuring Gulfstream G450s, shares begin at $950,000, with financing options starting at a $332,500 down payment and $6,684 monthly finance payments. 

“We chose to use pre-owned aircraft, which reduces the acquisition price by half. This also allows our owners to pick the best aircraft for each specific flight. In the SFX programme, you can take an Excel to Texas one day and the next day take a PC-12 to a small, remote runway in the middle of nowhere. With our new SFX+ programme, you will be able to access our entire fleet, flying a G450 to New York one day and using the PC-12 or a light jet for your next meeting and home before dinner.”

SkyShare’s financing also still allows fractional owners to take full advantage of bonus depreciation benefits on their taxes. “Our goal is to make private flight as accessible and beneficial as possible, ensuring clients can keep their money working for them while enjoying all the benefits of a personal aircraft fleet. If you’re a small or medium business aiming to compete with a Goliath in your industry by doing more business face-to-face, here’s a brand new slingshot.”

The new initiative coincides with SkyShare’s 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its history. Bengtzen said he has been “incredibly fortunate to bootstrap” the company without any outside investment or pressure from private equity firms dictating how the business is ran. 

“In the next 15 years, we aim to grow the company and expand nationwide through acquisitions starting in 2026. Our team will continue to support our clients in our fractional program, charter services, and in full aircraft ownership, helping them acquire/sell aircraft, manage their asset, and reduce their operational expenses with charter revenue, if they desire.”