Lineage winning acceptance in Asia


Embraer has ‘firsts’ in the region

delivered three Lineage 1000 jets to customers and operators in Asia in 2011 in what was a series of ‘Firsts’. These
deliveries marked the entry into service in the region of the Embraer Lineage
executive jet.

These Lineage
1000 jets are currently in service in India,
China and most recently, Indonesia.

The Lineage
1000 in India
was the first to be received and placed into service by an undisclosed
customer. This was the very first Lineage 1000 to fly by an owner-operator
based in the region. This was followed soon after by the first delivery of a
Lineage 1000 to an un-named customer in China.

The third
Lineage 1000 in Asia went to an undisclosed customer in Indonesia, making the jet the first Lineage 1000
in Southeast Asia as well. This jet was
delivered into the care of Premiair in Indonesia, which will manage the
jet on behalf of its owner.

These three
deliveries mark the confidence Embraer has had in the Asian market since the
business unit officially entered the market with the delivery of a Legacy jet
in 2004.

“The entry of
the Lineage 1000 in Southeast Asia last
December is an important milestone in the acceptance and application of
Embraer’s entire portfolio of cutting edge executive jets in the region,” said
José Eduardo Costas, vice-president, marketing and sales, Asia Pacific –
Embraer Executive Jets. “It underscores the confidence we have in the
robustness of the region.”