Lineage 1000 has received DGCA type certificate


The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation has awarded the Embraer Lineage 1000 a type certificate

Embraer announced that it has received from India’s
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the type certification for
the Lineage 1000 executive jet.

“The receipt of a type
certificate is always a momentous occasion, and we are very pleased that the
jet has received blessings from the Indian authorities,” said José Eduardo Costas, Embraer vice-president, marketing and sales, Asia Pacific –
Executive Jets, adding that “the DGCA’s
certification enhances our commitment to the market and we are glad to offer
our Indian customers and prospects a certified unique product which delivers a
‘home away from home’ concept without compromising operational flexibility,
efficiency and economics.”

The certification of the Lineage 1000 by India’s DGCA is
another important achievement in the jets’ history. In 2010, the Lineage 1000
completed the longest distance ever flown by an Embraer airplane when it flew
non-stop from Mumbai to London,
covering a ground distance of 4,015 nautical miles (7,435 km) in 9 hours and 15