JumpJet launches private jet membership scheme


Membership based luxury travel club gives clients new kind of service Fly Private for the price of First Class.

JumpJet has launched a new membership-based luxury travel club that affords flyers private jet travel for the price of first class. Jumpjet are accepting members and will officially start flying on 1 November, departing from 40 US cities to more than 500 US destinations.

Jumpjet members can select from a menu of personal and corporate packages or customise their own individual package. For a fixed monthly fee, members are able to access Jumpjet’s luxurious range of world-class jets including Citation, Gulfstream, Falcon and Bombardier, on a personalized schedule that suits their individual travel needs.

“With the membership model’s accessible price point, we anticipate the launch of Jumpjet will bring new customers to private aviation, supporting the charter industry and operators as a whole,” says Jumpjet founder and CEO Will Ashcroft, aviation industry entrepreneur and commercial helicopter pilot. “There are also countless travelers frustrated by their current flying experience and would like to upgrade but haven’t considered the possibility because it is price prohibitive. With the introduction of Jumpjet, we believe we can change the way millions of people travel and bring luxury and value together in a new and truly positive way.”

Jumpjet offers four simple, all encompassing packages tailored to every travel need, Upper Class at $2,350 per month, Upper Class Plus at $3,995 per month, Coast to Coast Elite at $5,550 per month and Jump Shared, this package offers the same as Upper Class and Upper Class Plus but members have the option to share the monthly fee with up to ten family and friends.

Additionally, every Jumpjet member is enrolled in the company’s exclusive Frequent Flyer Program, which allows them to travel on an existing flight with open availability at no additional charge.

Jumpjet is accepting new members and will officially begin taking reservations on 15 October.