JSX installing SpaceX’s Starlink on 100 aircraft


JSX’s fleetwide installation of SpaceX’s Starlink, as the system’s global launch customer, is progressing as planned, said the firm.

The US operator put in an order to outfit up to 100 aircraft with free high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi. Operating across the US with this cutting-edge new technology, JSX offers Starlink’s service at no extra charge. With half of the JSX fleet already equipped with Starlink Wi-Fi, all of JSX’s 30-seat Embraer jets will be online with free Starlink Wi-Fi service by Spring this year. 

“Starlink’s in-flight Wi-Fi service has been met by our Customers with amazement and delight – it’s simply that good and incredibly easy to use,” said JSX CEO, Alex Wilcox. 

“As we continue to outfit our fleet with this industry-leading product, offered to our Customers totally free of charge, the gap between the JSX experience and the rest of the industry will continue to widen. Unrivalled convenience meets unparalleled connectivity – a winning combination that we’re proud to offer all of our Customers this year,” added Wilcox.

Following the certification by the FAA for use on JSX jets in early December 2022, SpaceX officially announced the Wi-Fi service will roll out across the entire JSX fleet in early 2023. 

JSX currently offers 43 routes across 22 North American markets including new international service to Cabo San Lucas and newly established markets in Colorado and Florida. The charter jet service has plans to continue growing, adding one or two aircraft per month for the foreseeable future.