Jetex and Jet Club sign MoU


Jetex has announced a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) with fractional ownership business JetClub at the Dubai Air Show 2021.

Adel Mardini, founder & CEO of Jetex said: “Jetex is pleased to partner with JetClub and we see this as a natural evolution of our service offering. Both JetClub and Jetex are leaders in innovation as they offer a new way for more consumers to access private aviation and enjoy its benefits. We are confident of the value Jetex can add to JetClub’s discerning fractional aircraft owners and passengers,” he said.

Vishal Hiremath, founder and CEO, JetClub said: “Our agreement with Jetex allows us to explore the market, gain feedback from clients and expand our service offering, ensuring our clients have the best possible experience around the world. Our goal is to allow our clients in the United States, Europe or Asia to be able to have access to a worldwide fleet.”

JetClub and sister company Jet It now operate a fleet of 14 HondaJet aircraft, making the group the largest HondaJet operator in the world.

The companies said they aim to make “business aviation more accessible at a lower cost with exceptional service and a relentless priority on safety and efficient operations”.