Jet Luxe launches Invictus Partnership


Dubai-based jet charter and travel management company Jet Luxe launched a new product, the Invictus Partnership, at Dubai Air Show 2021.

Gabriel Madrid, founder and CEO said Invictus was neither a jet card nor a fractional or traditional membership.

“The market has nothing like Invictus. This is not a jet card, it’s not fractional ownership and it’s not a traditional membership. It is a new, niche and highly exclusive partnership with just four opportunities per jet,” he said.

Madrid said Invictus gives access to a closed, private fleet without the financial commitment or depreciation risk associated with fractional ownership. Customers share the jet with only three others.

Essentially, Invictus gives a sense of owning an aircraft without the cost of actually owning the aircraft. Customers are charged for the hours and miles that they fly. Jet Luxe said there are no additional or hidden costs for ‘peak’ days. “It balances owners’ needs for experience, convenience, efficiency, and transparency.” 


Partners will enjoy the familiarity of a consistent aircraft, tail, crew, and a transparent dashboard for reporting and tracking. They will also have complete transparency via Jet Luxe’s in-house booking platform and an opt-out option at any point. In parallel, they receive priority concierge services and can schedule flights with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

The Invictus Partnership is now open for applications.