Jet Aviation Zurich performs OEM restoration


Company recently removed wings from a Citation CJ525 for an obligatory manufacturer repair

Jet Aviation ZurichFollowing damage to the aft
spar of a Cessna Citation CJ525, Jet Aviation Zurich designed and built
necessary tools, including a wing support bench, an aircraft hoist, movable
jacks and a fuselage support to enable removal of the wings intended for
mandatory OEM repair.

The wings were slowly and
carefully glided out from under the aircraft, one side at a time, after which
they were hoisted into a handcrafted crate for transport, which itself weighed
over two tons.

“It was a big, heavy task
that required over 250 man-hours just to prepare for,” says Jakob Straub, vice
president and general manager of Jet Aviation Zurich. “Special assignments like
this really demonstrate our ability to meet new and exacting demands to the
full satisfaction of our customers.”