Iceland Jet Center joins Paragon Aviation Group



27th February 2020 – With four FBO locations, Iceland Jet Center at Keflavik Airport and their sister locations Air Iceland Connect at Reykjavik, Akyreyri and Egilsstadir make up the biggest FBO network in Iceland offering ground handling services. Iceland Jet Center offers general aircraft ground handling service for general aviation, from corporate up to jumbo jets, both for cargo and passenger’s needs.

Along with a personal escort of crew and passengers to the duty-free area at the Keflavik terminal, the Iceland Jet Center FBO offers well-appointed crew lounges, spacious meeting facilities and concierge assistance.

Iceland Jet Center is certified ISO 9001 and 14001, which ensures they meet the high standards their customers expect and take all environment matters into consideration.

With these Iceland FBOs joining, the Paragon Network is now active in 20 countries with over 59 FBOs around the world. Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is the country’s most populous city. Iceland provides a great option for tech stops from North America to Europe and beyond.

“Iceland Jet Center and Air Iceland Connect locations will be our sole representation in Iceland. They are a wonderful addition to our membership of elite FBOs around the world,” said Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group. “Additionally, with their superior safety record and decades of service experience, Paragon is proud to welcome them as we expand our network to a new country.”