Humanitarian efforts using Dreamliner P4-787


22 March 2022 – Enrique Piñeyro, renowned filmmaker, owner, and pilot of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, P4-787, is now the commander of a humanitarian flight that left Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday, March 20, bound for Warsaw, Poland. The mission was to rescue hundreds of Ukrainians escaping the war and take them to three destinations within Italy, which they completed successfully. Piñeyro is the founder of the non- profit organisation, Solidaire, which has a strategic alliance with Open Arms and various entities that care for refugees.

P4-787 had already made its first flight to the rescue last week with a humanitarian flight between Poland and Spain. Piñeyro and his crew put themselves at the service of families who were transferred to new reception spaces managed by refugee entities. The humanitarian flight also transported donations from Argentina.

In an interview with Infobae, Pineyro recalls the case of a 12-year-old boy, who cried inconsolably in his mother’s arms, “She tried to hold him back, and she was barely taller than him. And her 4-year-old boy looking stunned.”

The humanitarian mission will continue as more flights will depart from Warsaw to Rome, Cagliari and Palermo from March 21 for three days in a row. An almost non-stop itinerary. Time is of the essence. Women, children and the elderly, the unfit for combat in Ukraine, are forced to leave their land and their loved ones. To leave behind a part of themselves.

The team’s planning for the flight was impeccable and the operation went off without a hitch. Piñeyro worked with his team to brainstorm solutions to any potential problems, made decisions and executed them. Ultimately, this is why they were able to carry out such an extraordinary task successfully. It’s precisely this kind of leadership that is essential in times of crisis.