HondaJet prepares for conforming test flights


HondaJet is preparing the first conforming test aircraft for the first flight with the new General Electric HF-120 engines.

Honda Aircraft Company is preparing the first flight test aircraft after General Electric delivered its HF-120 engines. The
first aircraft has been performing ground testing. The company said that static tests are
being performed on the second aircraft. Honda has also confirmed that assembly
of the third test aircraft is underway.

Static structural stress testing has been undertaken at Honda Aircraft
Company’s R&D facility in Greensboro,
North Carolina. The first proof
of concept HondaJet has completed more than 500 hours of flight testing.

The third aircraft will be used for flight testing mechanical systems.

There will be a fourth conforming test aircraft which is to
be used for fatigue testing and is scheduled to begin those tests in 2012.

Honda is progressing with the completion of the production facility at Greensboro, the 250,000
square feet building should be completed in early 2011. The new complex will
include Flight Safety International full motion flight simulators for training
HondaJet pilots and crew.

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