Gulfstream is delighted with G250 and G650 programmes


Gulfstream is humming with activity, delighted with prgramme progress says Gulfstream President.

“When you consider today’s market realities, we’re doing
relatively well,” says Gulfstream President Joe Lombardo. “Our new product
development programs for the Gulfstream G650 and G250 are on track. Our
flight-test aircraft are performing to expectations. Our large-cabin production
rates have remained stable, due, in part, to the strength of faster-growing
international regions mitigating slower growth in the U.S. and Europe.
Additionally, our product support business is experiencing healthy growth.”

Gulfstream will produce 97 aircraft this year. That number
includes 76 large-cabin and 21 mid-cabin aircraft. “We’re seeing renewed
interest in the mid-cabin planes, even though this segment has suffered more
overall in the current market environment. Fortunately, we have been able to
proactively manage our business to respond to market realities. This has
allowed us to remain financially strong during very tough economic times,”
Lombardo said. “That and the support of our parent company, General Dynamics,
have allowed us to undertake a well-planned and quite active R&D effort. As
a result, we will have two new products, the G650 and G250, entering the market
over the next two years, and we expect a recovering economy to buoy demand for

Lombardo addressed the evolving global market, while
underscoring the importance of Gulfstream’s North American current and
prospective clientele. “We’ve been impressed as we visit customers and
prospects in emerging markets. They are embracing business aviation. They
understand the value it provides in enabling them to grow their businesses both
domestically and internationally. Our challenge is to remain adaptive in order
to support a more globalized fleet. That means putting technical assistance and
other resources closer to customers.”

Lombardo noted that the share of the Gulfstream fleet
outside the U.S.
has grown from 17 percent to 29 percent in the last decade, and that the fleet
has increased by about 90 percent to more than 1,900 aircraft during that time.
“Our product support organization has grown right along with the fleet and
today we have the largest product support organization in the industry with
more than 3,300 talented people working on behalf of our customers and more
than $1.2 billion in spares located around the world,” he said.

Lombardo lauded Gulfstream’s employees who continue a
tradition of innovation in all aspects of the business. “Our employees
understand the market will have its ups and downs, but they remain confident
and encouraged that as long as we continue to innovate and focus on customer
service, we will be well-positioned for the future, Lombardo said.”

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