Gulfstream unveils two new business jets: G400 and G800


Gulfstream has unveiled two new business jets: the G400, priced at $34.5m with deliveries expected to being in 2025, and the G800, with a price tag of $71.5m,  scheduled to reach customers in 2023.

Extending the OEM’s large cabin offering, the G400 is the first new entrant to the large cabin class in more than 10 years. The aircraft has a range of 4,200 nm (7,778 km) at its long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85. Three floorplans are offered, with clients choosing between options for seating up to nine, 11 or 12 passengers, The cabin features 10 panoramic oval windows.

The G400 is said to boost boost environmental performance by reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise through its use of Gulfstream’s aerodynamic clean-wing design and its Pratt & Whitney PW812GA engines. The entry level G400 will have a 3,255-ft cabin altitude at flight level 410.

Speaking at the launch yesterday (October 4th), Gulfstream president Mark Burns said the G400 was conceived and designed with direct customer input. “It features revolutionary reliability and safety features we pioneered with our award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck and the largest cabin in its class, making it an outstanding addition to our next-generation fleet,” he said. “The aircraft re-envisions this market segment with its maximum operational flexibility and enhanced cabin comfort.”

Meanwhile, the G800 offers the longest range of any Gulfstream aircraft and is capable of 8,000 nm (14,816 km) at Mach 0.85. Flying at Mach 0.90, the G800’s range is 7,000 nm (12,964 km) range at Mach 0.90. Power is supplied by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines and the wing and winglet is shared with the Gulfstream G700.

Designed to seat up to 19 passengers, the G800 offers up to four living areas or three living areas with crew compartment. It features the Gulfstream Cabin Experience with 100% fresh air, quiet noise levels, industry-leading low cabin altitude and 16 Gulfstream panoramic oval windows.

Commenting at the G800 launch yesterday, Burns said: “Today marks a major milestone and investment in our company’s future with the introduction of the G800, our fastest longest-range aircraft yet, and the G400, the industry’s first new large-cabin aircraft in more than a decade.”

Both the G800 and G400 feature the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck featuring electronically linked active control sidesticks, an industry first, and the industry’s most extensive use of touch-screen technology with 10 touch-screen displays. Additional safety features include the company’s award winning Predictive Landing Performance System (PLPS), providing pilots advanced warning of potential runway excursions so they can adjust approaches or go around.

Dual head-up displays in the G800 feature Gulfstream’s new Combined Vision System (CVS) that combines the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS) into a single image, increasing pilot situational awareness and access to more airports worldwide.

Both aircraft were launched at Gulfstream’s Savannah headquarters in Georgia along with a global virtual broadcast via its website, Facebook and YouTube. The launch event featured a virtual tour of the new G400 and the debut of a G800 aircraft.

The two new additions extend Gulfstream’s large cabin range to six aircraft, joining the G500, G600, G650ER and G700.

Watch out for industry reaction to the launch of the Gulfstream G400 and G800 later today.


Gulfstream G400 – at a glance

*Priced at $34.5m

*Deliveries expected to start 2025

*Range: 4,200 nm (7,778 km) at long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85

*Seating: Up to nine, 11 or 12 passengers

*Power: two Pratt & Whitney PW812GA engines.


Gulfstream G800 – at a glance

*Priced at $71.5m

*Deliveries expected to start 2023

*Range at Mach 0.85: 8,000 nm (14,816 km)

*Range at Mach 0.90: 7,000 nm (12,964 km)

*Power: two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines.

Top: The new Gulfstream G800 is  priced at $71.5m.  Above: the G800 alongside the G400.