Gogo hits 3,000 daily flights mark


Positive trends are beginning to emerge within business aviation, according to Gogo Business Aviation. The US inflight connectivity provider hit the 3,000 daily flights mark late last week, eight times the 378-flight single-day low point for daily activity in mid-April.

“I’m encouraged because we’re seeing several positive trends taking shape in the market,” said Sergio Aguirre, President of Gogo Business Aviation. “We’ve strived to be a good partner with our customers to get through a very difficult time together, and we’re now in the midst of a measurable recovery as flight activity increases.”

Business aviation hit a low point in mid-April, as a result of a multitude of impacts created by Covid-19. At that time many aircraft owners chose to park their aircraft and virtually all within the industry were feeling the effects of the global lockdown.

Gogo reported that 30% of its clients chose to reduce their spending through account suspensions or service downgrades. Since then however, nearly 60% of Gogo’s suspended customers have reactivated their service, with approximately 80% reverting to their original service plan.

The number of flights flown with Gogo service has continued to increase, reaching 3,039 flights last Thursday, close to Gogo’s pre-Covid-19 average of 3,500 flights per day. Gogo is actively working with customers to reactivate service efficiently as flying activity increases.

“I’ve been amazed with the level of productivity and engagement our employees have delivered to help our customers, and the company, get through this unique and challenging time,” Aguirre added. “And from an innovation standpoint, we have several positive developments that will be released in the coming weeks that will make your Gogo inflight experience even better.”