Bombardier delivers a Global 6000 to US Air Force


The United States Air Force has taken delivery of a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft.

Bombardier Aerospace has completed the delivery of a Global 6000 aircraft to the US Air Force, in a ceremony conducted at a Bombardier facility in Connecticut. This aircraft is the fourth Bombardier Global aircraft to be added to the existing US Air Force inventory with E-11A military designation.

“Bombardier has built a strong relationship with the US Air Force, a Global aircraft operator for four years now. We are delighted that the Air Force has once again selected a Bombardier aircraft to carry out their BACN mission,” said Derek Gilmour, vice president, sales, marketing and administration, Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace.

“This recent addition reaffirms the credentials of the Global aircraft platform for special mission applications and we are very proud that Bombardier’s aircraft are serving the United States Air Force,” Gilmour added.