Five facts to know about the Global 6000


The Global 500 has one of the most spacious cabins of any business jet.

With a range of over 13 hours, the Bombardier Global 6000 spans time zones, oceans and continents.
The Global 500 has one of the most spacious cabins of any business jet.

The Global 500 the most spacious cabins of any business jet.

When the Bombardier Global 6000 arrived in 2012 it provided NetJets owners with an aircraft which gave them more spaciousness, privacy and comfort. NetJets Europe provides you with five facts about the Global 6000 which makes it stand out from other long-haul aircrafts.

1. The largest cabin of any business jet

The Global 6000’s design has resulted in the largest and longest seated compartment of any business aircraft. With a cabin volume of 60.6 cubic metres and a cabin height of 6 ft 4, its generous three-compartment configuration leaves the jet with a truly spacious feel. Designed as a 12-hour-plus flight environment, the layout has been created with long-range comfort in mind. An ample forward galley provides a separate area in which to wine and dine, freeing up space and affording enhanced privacy for the rest of the cabin. And its baggage compartment has also been expanded by 15 cubic feet, for a total volume of 195 cubic feet.

2. Reach far flung destinations with the Global 6000

The Global 6000 has an ultra-long range which allows passengers to reach the most far-flung corners of the globe. With a range of 11,112km/6,000NM, it is also capable of speeds of up to 560mph. This translates into a 13 hour range – enough to allow owners to cross time zones and continents to reach destinations for either business travel or trips with the family.

3. The best views

The Global 6000 features more than double the number of windows of its nearest competitor. All 28 windows onboard the Global 6000 has also had its reveal (the area which frames each window) enlarged. These generous window proportions not only allow more natural light to flood in for a brighter cabin space, they also increase each passenger’s range of vision by up to 40%. It is also the only aircraft in its category that features two windows in its lavatory rather than one, making it easier and more comfortable to freshen up.

4. The quietest cabin in its class

The Global 6000 features enhanced soundproofing, resulting in its cabin being the quietest in its class. The aircraft’s aft stateroom has also been thoughtfully located beyond passing traffic in the quietest section of the jet, providing a truly private, low-noise environment in which to work, discuss, relax or entertain.

5. Available to fly with NetJets from just 50 hours

With NetJets’ fractional jet ownership scheme, the Bombardier Global 6000 is available to fly from just 50 flight hours.  And for those looking to make the most of that ultra-long range capability, NetJets’ Global 6000 owners also benefit from an enhanced ferry-free zone that includes many upcoming emerging markets, including China, India, South Africa and Brazil.