Grossmann Jet Service moves


GJS relocates offices and goes greener

New Grossmann officeGrossmann Jet Service is moving its offices to its parent company, KKCG investment group in Vinohradská (Prague 10).

“By moving into the KKCG Group headquarters at the beginning of July, Grossmann Jet Service confirms its long-standing commitment to the group and adheres to the principle of the environmental and corporate social responsibility objectives,” explained Dagmar Grossmann, chief executive of Grossman Jet Service. “I have moved operational premises four times in my life and every single time it has been for the best — this time we focus on environment.”

The new building is equipped with a high-efficiency sophisticated water supply system, automated electrical energy-saving devices, and a modern heating system complemented by effective thermal insulation. The environment-friendly culture of the group is also reflected in the building’s dynamic structural interiors, whose features include a vast organic indoor “garden”.

The move is also helping Grossmann Jet Service to cut its plastic consumption by an estimated 190 kilos per year. By moving to new premises, Grossmann Jet Service strengthens its reputation as a company committed to corporate social responsibility and top reducing the environmental impact of the industry, without jeopardising quality or affordability.