Archie Garden appointed as new airport director at Cambridge Airport


Newly renamed Cambridge Airport has Archie Garden as new airport director

Robert Marshall and Archie GardenArchie Garden
has been appointed as new airport director of the renamed Cambridge Airport.
Cambridge Airport was formerly known as Marshall
Airport Cambridge. Archie Garden is on the right of the picture with Robert Marshall.

The airport already has
already had significant investment with an FBO with increased hangar space and
new GPS approach to compliment the ILS. Future developments at the airport
include refurbishment of the current terminal and further developing the horse
transportation market being so close to Newmarket,
a centre of excellence for the sport of horseracing. Another improvement is to
add a border inspection post by the end of 2011 to improve access for the Middle East equine fraternity. Looking towards the 2012
Olympics the airport sees opportunities as an overspill airport for London being less than an
hour away from the centre of the City.

However, with the minimal slot restrictions, full
Category seven fire and ATC status and  24/7 operational capability, will
now focus on growing its executive aviation potential and developing other
niche, commercial aviation opportunities.

Archie Garden’s most recent experience is with
leading UK-based aviation consultants Oriens Advisors, where he remains a
non-executive director and his years working within business development in the
financial services industry position him well to execute the new innovative
strategy. Mr Garden will join Robert Marshall, Marshall Group COO and Cambridge
Airport Chairman, on the airport’s newly formed supervisory board.

Robert Marshall, Marshall Group COO and Airport
Chairman comments, “Cambridge Airport is potentially hugely valuable to Cambridge , its people
and businesses, and to the University.  Our airport has the infrastructure
in place to increase our general aviation, business aviation, and equine
activities and also to support city hop activities which are seeing an
increasing demand.  Currently some 60 people are employed exclusively to
running the airport and we expect this number to grow”.