Gulfstream reveals new G250 interior


Gulfstream reveals new Gulfstream G250 interior. Cabin Is Largest, Most Well-Equipped In Super Mid-Size Class.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp unveiled the new interior for the
large-cabin, mid-range Gulfstream G250, setting a new standard for the super
mid-size class.

The cabin features clean lines, a state-of-the-art cabin
management system, a high-definition cabin entertainment system,
industry-leading cabin sound levels, a low cabin altitude, 100 percent fresh
air, a best-in-class galley, integrated storage, 19 windows and a modern

“The G250 cabin is the largest in the super mid-size class,”
said Dennis Stuligross, senior vice president, Operations, Gulfstream. “It’s
also the most comfortable and productive. As always, we put a great deal of
planning and thought into creating a cabin that our customers would appreciate,
whether they were traveling domestically or internationally. This cabin, with
its in-flight access to baggage, provides a wealth of benefits, including
health, comfort and control. And it falls in line with the evolutionary changes
we launched with the G650.”

Measuring nearly 26 feet long, the cabin has 17 to 35
percent more floor area than other aircraft in its class. That extra space is
put to good use, allowing for a best-in-class galley, seating area, lavatory
and storage.

“We value the input of our Customer Advisory Team,” said
Stan Dixon, vice president, Mid-Cabin Programs, Gulfstream. “Their insight
helped us create a cabin that exceeds their requirements.”


The G250 cabin offers an excellent cabin environment with 19
large windows and a low cabin altitude. At FL450, the cabin altitude is just
7,000 feet (2,130 m). At FL410, the altitude is only 6,000 feet (1,828 m).

The cabin also has an advanced environmental control system
with 100 percent fresh air, quieter air distribution and improved air-flow control.
This distribution system, as well as quieter engines, contributes to the G250’s
industry-leading cabin sound levels.

All of these attributes combine to reduce passenger fatigue,
increase mental alertness and enhance productivity.


The finished G250 cabin is nearly 7 feet wide (2.10 m) and
more than 6 feet tall (1.85 m). The wide-body cross section, combined with the
25-feet, 10-inch-long cabin, provides for redesigned seats with the greatest
seat pitch in the class and a more comfortable divan.

The new seats are 25 inches wide with 21 inches between the
arm rests, creating a nearly 2-foot aisle. The seats feature a telescoping head
rest with optional flexible wings, an articulating seat pan for full-flat
berthing and an optional recliner-style leg rest.

Redesigned to provide greater comfort, the divan now
measures 6 feet, 8 inches long and features a four-position base cushion that
locks every inch for the first 3 inches and then extends to the full-berthing
position. It’s also equipped with end cabinets for storage.

The lavatory is one of the G250’s highlights. It features
two large windows, a vessel sink, a lighted vanity mirror and a full-length
closet. It’s the only lavatory in its class to feature a vacuum toilet with
overboard venting system.

Those modern amenities continue in the ergonomically
designed galley, which houses a standard microwave, a coffee maker, a sink and
gasper-cooled storage. The large galley also includes a long, wide counter with
a pull-out work surface for food preparation.


Storage is a primary feature of the G250 cabin, which boasts
154 cubic feet (4.36 cubic m) of storage space. That includes 120 cubic feet
(3.40 cubic m) of in-flight accessible baggage volume in the baggage
compartment and 34 cubic feet (0.96 cubic m) of storage in the forward cabin
closet, lavatory closet and divan end cabinets.

The G250 will come standard with Gulfstream’s Audio/Video
Distribution System (AVDS), which supplies high-definition (HD) video content
to the cabin.  Using a unique fiber optic
cabling system, the AVDS provides HD video content with no data compression or
signal latency.  The G250 comes standard
with a dual Blu-ray/DVD/CD player with USB ports along with a 19-inch (48 cm)
HD liquid crystal display (LCD) forward bulkhead monitor.  Operators can also select dual 128-gigabyte
media servers and 12.1-inch (31 cm) HD or 9-inch (23 cm) HD-compatible LCD
personal monitors that plug into the side ledge.

The Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) provides
digital control of cabin systems through touch screens, capacitive touch
switches and a passenger control unit located at the principal’s seat. Using an
iPod touch® or another personal handheld device, the principal passenger will
be able to control the lighting, temperature, entertainment equipment,
Gulfstream’s new CabinViewTM Passenger Flight Information System and attendant

This Passenger Control Unit (PCU) can be stored in the
covered charging station located in the ledge adjacent to the principal seat. That
ledge also hides a charging station for the Iridium handset, a headphone port
and controls, a media input panel with iPod® dock, an electric power outlet and
miscellaneous storage.

Cabin Debut

The G250 cabin mockup is part of the Gulfstream static display
at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention in Atlanta from 19-21 October.

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