Fly Air implements blockchain carbon offset tracking


Fly Air, the charter booking company, has partnered with climate firm KlimaDAO and industry marketing company BizAvJets to implement blockchain carbon offset tracking.

The company has a voice-activated artificial intelligence app which enables customers to search for and book private jet charters. Now, through the partnership, Fly Air can track its carbon offsets on the blockchain.

The aim of using blockchain technology is to make tracking offsets more transparent, according to the firm. The tracking software is now available on the app as an automatic feature.

Stuart Bullard, CEO, Fly Air said the company aspires to be “leaders in climate responsibility” and its goal is to “exceed all current and future environmental regulatory agency requirements”. He added: “We have plans to offer the service to other aviation entities and individual flyers as well.”

Liam Ellul, head of Carbon Solutions, KlimaDAO said: “We realise the ongoing scrutiny of private aviation carbon emissions. Our partnership with Fly Air enables private jet owners, operators and passengers to be carbon neutral. What sets us apart is our process of carbon offset tracking on the blockchain, making our solution transparent and accessible to all.”

In September, Directional Aviation, Alder Fuels, 4Air and Flexjet partnered to launch a new type of sustainable aviation fuel backed by blockchain technology which would help prove the industry’s carbon reductions.