FlightAware: First day US business aviation surpasses 2019 levels since Covid-19


US business aviation daily traffic levels surpassed 2019 numbers by 2.5% for the first time since the decline in activity as a result of Covid-19, according to FlightAware.

Saturday June 20th saw a total of 7,335 flights, 176 more than the same day in 2019, when 7,159 were recorded. While weekday numbers are yet to catch up, the activity evidenced during last Saturday is seen as a promising sign for the industry.

FlightAware CEO, Daniel Baker, said: “On Saturday, business aviation traffic surpassed 2019 numbers for the first time since the initial decline with 2.5% more flights than the same day last year. Weekday recovery still has ground to make up but continues to trend upward.”

Commercial aviation remains substantially lower than 2019 levels. Last Saturday saw a total of 30,882 commercial flights, the same day in 2019 recorded 99,566.

As business aviation begins to pick up and the industry becomes more active, what does this mean for aircraft values following the slump brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic? Corporate Jet Investor’s Town Hall this week looks specifically at aircraft value, save your spot here.