Fleet Clubs offers ‘immediate solution’ to sustainability


Private membership charter service The Fleet Clubs offers an immediate solution to sustainability problems, its CEO told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI).

At the CJI Miami 2022 conference during a panel on sustainability, Bernard Schwartz, co-founder and CEO, told delegates that the company’s membership programme offers a greener alternative to private charter.

“The march towards sustainability is not an immediate thing,” he said. “I don’t know when these [low carbon] planes will be available but it’s not going to be this year and it’s not going to be next year.

“The decarbonisation of private aviation is a daunting multi-year, multi-decade project and this is something that we’re bringing to market right away.”

Schwartz said that by becoming a member and travelling on a flight with other members, the carbon emissions are immediately reduced compared to chartering a jet alone. He added that in the longer term, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be used on their flights. “When available, and through book and claim, we’ll be covering all of our flights,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Fleet Clubs launched memberships for Miami – New York and Miami – Vail, Colorado last month.

At CJI Miami, Michele Sullivan, co-founder and chief operating officer told us: “The fleet is bringing our 60 seat, first class, luxury airliner programme to Florida, focusing on the most trafficked private jet routes.”

The company, which describes itself as “a country club in the sky”, offers shared private charter on specially configured Boeing 737s, 757s and Airbus aircraft. Flying every Thursday and Sunday, year-round, each route is established as a standalone club, limited to 200 members and their guests. Sullivan has operated private flying clubs for the past 15 years, managing two that run between Oakland and Los Angeles to Kona, Hawaii.

Sullivan said: “We provide an elegant solution for vacation homeowners looking for a sensible way to fly private. Our member retention is nearly 90% and we have a multi-year waiting list. We offer a form of luxury carpooling, since 70% of our members otherwise fly private. We have organised more than 1,700 flights without a single cancelation.”