FlairJet is ready to widen its portfolio


FlairJet is looking to expand its managed fleet with other aircraft types

FlairJet logoFlairJet has established itself as Europe’s leading Embraer Phenom operator is now ready to widen its portfolio with other managed aircraft types.

That is the message that chief executive David Fletcher and his management team will be taking to EBACE in Geneva next month.

Fletcher indicated that the UK CAA would be happy for the company to manage any type of business aircraft and said that he would be happy to manage and operate an Airbus ACJ type aircraft in the future.”We love the Phenoms and we don’t see ourselves diluting our expertise with the type. However, we have some highly experienced ex-airline pilots in our team, three of whom have logged some 10,000-15,000 hours flying large cabin Airbus aircraft.  We have learned a lot building FlairJet from scratch, achieving our AOC in record time and creating a strong, operationally and technically focused team. We are now ready to broaden the fleet.”

The company has grown to 22 personnel. The company is profitable and has doubled the office space at London Oxford Airport and established a summer base in Cannes, South of France where it positioned a Phenom 300. FlairJet has also lent its technical expertise to Phenom operators around the world, offering numerous training solutions and has managed the acquisition, acceptance and delivery of more than 12 aircraft.

Since starting in December 2009 FlairJet has logged some 3120+ hours with its fleet, the Phenom 100 having logged in excess of 2300 hours and the Phenom 300 having logged 760+ hours.  To date, the longest sector flown was from Bursa in Turkey to Liverpool, a distance of 1760 statute miles with a journey time of 4h10m.

Charter brokers provide 90 per cent of its bookings. As its clientele and geographical reach widened FlairJet expanded its AOC area to embrace the Middle East, Africa, the Caucuses and Russia. “Now we’re ready to grow that capability with a worldwide AOC,” said Fletcher.

“The addition of larger cabin aircraft in our managed fleet goes hand in hand with that ambition.”