Falko and Design Q unveil the ABJ Q


Companies now have five concepts for the Avro Business Jet

ABJ Q concept interiorFalko
and Design Q have unveiled their final concept for the Avro Business Jet (ABJ)
ahead of the NBAA that starts in Las
Vegas next week.

The ABJ Q is the fifth of five exciting
concepts developed by Design Q for the ABJ aircraft. “We called this version
the ABJ Q in homage to ‘Q’ the Head of Q Branch, the fictional research and
development character made famous in many James Bond films and who specialised
in creating devices that were hidden away in everyday objects”, said Gary Doy,
director of Design Q. 

“In many ways the ABJ Q would not be out of
place in a James Bond movie as it reveals its hidden secrets at the press of a

Sedgwick, technical sales executive for Falko commented: “Once more, working
with Design Q, we have created a special interior for the ABJ that opens new
horizons and shows just what is possible by marrying together a cost-effective
and spacious platform like the Avro Regional Jet with the latest in interior
treatments and design philosophies.”

Gary Doy, continued, “The ABJ Q challenges
preconceived ideas of what constitutes luxury in a business jet interior. The
traditional look of bulky volumes and straight line architecture is replaced by
tailored seats over lean structural forms in a more eclectic and dynamic
layout. There is a freshness and excitement in this concept that could result
is a very special interior should it be taken through to completion”.

Q is the fifth innovative and exciting interior commissioned by Falko from
Design Q to appeal to different VIP aircraft market segments. The first two, ABJ
Explorer One and Explorer Four, the
ultimate ‘go-anywhere’ aircraft, were unveiled at the European Business
Aviation Convention and Exhibition – EBACE 2010 and the ABJ Fusion, aimed at
the high-end luxury charter aircraft market, was unveiled at the NBAA in
October 2010. The ABJ Eleganté, revealed at EBACE 2011, is designed for
individuals or companies that require a highly sophisticated and luxury
interior in a regional aircraft for shorter duration trips.