Exxaero expands and adds two Falcon 7X aircraft to its fleet


Exxaero Dassault Falcon 7X

Eindhoven, January 13, 2020 – The Dutch private jet company Exxaero has taken delivery of the first of two brand new Falcon 7X aircraft to its fleet. The business jet flew from the Dassault Aviation factory in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where it was welcomed on Saturday morning.

(Above photographic image is copyrighted to Thom Zalm)

At the beginning f February, the Eindhoven-based company expects delivery of the second Falcon 7X aircraft. With these two new additions to its fleet, Exxaero is planning to operate both in Europe, as well as strengthen its position on the worldwide long-haul charter market for private jets.

The Dassault Falcon 7X offers the possibility to fly non-stop for close to 13 hours, with a maximum range of 11,000km or 5,950nm. This means destinations like Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires can be reached non-stop Amsterdam, one of Exxaero’s home-bases. The 7X combines outstanding performance with state of the art technology, and offers the ability to carry up to 14 Passengers in its quiet and luxurious cabin.

Furthermore, the fuel consumption of the 7X is up to 30% less compared to other business jets in its class. With the addition of two brand new 7X aircraft to the Exxaero fleet, the total number of these aircraft on a Dutch registeration doubles from two to four.

“The expansion of our fleet with these two magnificent Falcon 7X aircraft is a fantastic moment in the development of Exxaero,” says CEO Roderick Buijs, “Not only is it an honour and privilege to operate these aircraft, but it also gives us the ability to further strenthen our position on the ultra-long-haul charter market for business jets. Except for Australia and New Zealand, we can now fly directly from Europe to all the most important business centres in the world. Both our flight crew as well as our office staff have been looking forward to this great addition to our fleet for a long time now.”

The Eindhoven-based enterprise, also the only 100% Dutch airline in business aviation, is quickly expanding. At the moment it operates a varied fleet of Hawker Premier 1, Cessna Citation Sovereign, and the largest fleet of Dassault Falcon 900’s in the Netherlands. Recently the company expanded its operations to germany, resulting in the founding of a new subsidiary Exxaero International GmbH. Based at Airport Weeze/Niederrhein, the airline operates a Premier 1 on its German AOC. The company expects to have added several other aircraft to its German fleet by the end of the year.