Extra 500 achieves EASA full IFR certificate


Walter Extra expects FAA validation to follow soon

Extra 500The Extra 500 turboprop has received full IFR certification and night operations from EASA. The Extra 500 is a six seater single engined aircraft.

Extra, the former aerobatics champion and designer of the Extra 500 said “We are delighrted with EASA’s full certification for the Extra 500’s IFR and night operation., as it took some time to navigate the certification maze. The milestone compleyes the flight deck upgrade of the Avidyne R9 to the Extra 500. EASA is now working directly with America’s FAA to finalised the upgrade of the existing airframe valisation. Senior FAA officials have indicated that they want to proceed quickly, so we expect final FAA validation for the USA soon.”

Gerrit Nijs, managing director of Extra Business Aircraft added “Such small business aircraft are ideal for corporate travellers, for whom time is critisical. Tighter and tighter security measures lead to longer queues and longer waits at primary airports and business travellers lose valuable time. The purchse or shared ownership of a private aircraft is the best solution.”