Execujet’s St. Thomas FBO reopens


Execujet Flight Services at St. Thomas FBO, US Virgin Islands, has reopened under new management.

The FBO had been damaged by hurricanes in 2017, leading Execujet to move into a temporary facility. Now, the company has signed a 20-year contract at Cyril E. King Airport and will work from a hangar for the next year and a half while it completes work at the new permanent facility.

Roy Romney has been appointed as the new operations manager for the FBO, while Cromwell Freeman will act as the new operations supervisor. Romney has lived on St. Thomas for 40 years and brings more than 30 years of aviation experience to Execujet, while Freeman brings a further decade of experience.

Romney said he will take a “safety first” approach to managing the FBO, followed by meeting customer needs and listening to client feedback.

Britt Harrington, president, Execujet said: “Execujet Flight Services has a 20-year history of aviation excellence on St. Thomas and has been my baby since 2009. Between the hurricanes of 2017 and Covid, the past few years have had their hurdles and I’m thrilled to have this new team in place.”

The current Execujet facility includes a shared ramp for parking with 24-hour police surveillance, VIP and cargo holding, lavatory services, ground power unit, on-call maintenance and concierge services and air and yacht charter connections. The Avfuel-branded FBO also has a pilot lounge, two sleeping rooms, and a lounge for guests.