ExecuJet extends partnership with Bilen Air Service


ExecuJet Middle East extending strategic partnership with Bilen Air Service at Sabiha Gokchen Airport in Turkey

ExecuJet Middle East has
announced that it is extending the company’s strategic partnership with Bilen
Air Service in Istanbul to include aircraft handling at Sabiha Gokchen Airport,
providing 24/7 support capability to the city following the recent introduction
of general aviation (GA) flight restrictions at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Tolga Asan, assistant
general manager, Bilen Air Service, said “Istanbul Atatürk
Airport currently has
NOTAM restrictions in place, limiting foreign general aviation movements to the
hours of 2100 Zulu and 0230 Zulu. ExecuJet and Bilen Air Service are therefore
extending our handling services to Sabiha
Gokchen Airport
to ensure our customers continue to be fully supported in the city.”

Mark Abbott, ExecuJet
Aviation Group FBO director, adds “Turkey
is a key location for ExecuJet as the country bridges the gap between Europe
and the Middle East. Our clients are
accustomed to an excellent service, so we are pleased we can continue to
provide our usual 24/7 offering despite the restrictions at Istanbul Atatürk