Equinox launches Clean Sky Index


Equinox has launched a sustainability information system to give fliers more control over their environmental impact when travelling.

The UK-based operator and management firm said operators perform within two sustainability criteria. Either net zero initiatives towards emission mitigation (from SAF to offsetting and future technology investment) or flight operations toward emissions minimisation, including flight procedures and efforts to reduction of non-CO2 emissions. The Clean Sky Index allows users to see what criteria an operator is working within before booking.

“Beyond carbon offsetting, some of our clients, the end users, are unsure how they can support sustainable flying,” said Elliot Bottomley, managing director, Equinox Charter. “The Clean Sky Index provides our clients current and continually updated information to support their choices. By choosing sustainable operators, those that are making real and accountable efforts, our clients are empowered to make an immediate impact on greener travel.”

An agreement with 4AIR has also furthered the sustainability solutions Equinox can offer, because it gives access to turnkey programmes that can be applied to each flier.

Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s president, said: “4AIR not only offers turnkey sustainability solutions but, as the only rating system for private aviation emissions reduction, will evaluate and independently verify Equinox clients’ sustainability programme. We also are proud to have the opportunity to work with Equinox and their clients so they can do their part to fight climate change.”

Through active discussions with operators and publicly available information, Equinox found that  business aviation generally demonstrated “some ground to cover” when compared to commercial aviation. However, firms like VistaJet and Air Charter Scotland are “encouraging and are beginning to set the standards for others to follow”, it said. Airline operators including easyJet and Air New Zealand top the commercial assessment.

Ian Patterson, CEO at Equinox, added: “The public’s expectations towards the travel and the environment have changed.  They want to see concrete and escalating actions instead of empty promises. At Equinox, we understand that every tour is different, that every artist has their perspective on sustainability and that accountability is a constant for public figures. Our approach to this is to listen, research, advise, and be flexible with solutions.”