Ed Bolen thanks Jerry Costello


NBAA president thanks Costello after he announces his retirement from key aviation committee

The NBAA has thanked Rep. Jerry Costello his
for his tireless work to promote the interests of the entire general aviation
community, including business aviation. NBAA president and chief executive
officer Ed Bolen expressed his appreciation for the Congressman’s service
shortly after Rep. Costello’s 4 October announcement that he would retire
following his current term in office.

“Congressman Costello has been a highly
effective advocate for general aviation,” Bolen said. “He has always
demonstrated a readiness to work with all of his colleagues to promote policies
that help foster general aviation, so that it can continue to create jobs,
connect cities and towns, and optimize the mobility and efficiency of travel.
Although his presence in Congress will surely be missed, we very much
appreciate his service to our industry and the nation as a whole, and we wish
him all the best for the future.”

Rep. Costello has served Illinois’ 12th congressional district since
1988. For a number of years, he has continually served as chairman or ranking
member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Aviation
Subcommittee. In those capacities, he has been key to the House passage of
legislation to reauthorise the Federal Aviation Administration without
implementing user fees for general aviation. Earlier this year, he called on
President Obama to keep user fees out of the administration’s fiscal year 2012
budget proposal for funding federal agencies. Rep. Costello has served as a
member of the House General Aviation Caucus since its formation in 2009.