EASA approves Falcon 7X modification


Falcon 7X fleet set to return no later than early July

Falcon 7XDassault Aviation has
announced that the first Falcon 7X with an “approved” modification to its pitch
trim system has returned to operational status. Dassault has created a solution
that addresses a pitch trim incident experienced by a Falcon 7X on 25 May 2011.

Dassault Aviation has developed a modification kit for the Falcon 7X horizontal
stabilizer pitch trim system. The company has carried out tests that met all
requirements, the kits went into production and shipped to approved service
facilities. In parallel, the modification was being reviewed with aviation

On 15 June, EASA approved the modification. EASA released a new Airworthiness
Directive (AD) which allows the aircraft to resume flights with passengers. The
FAA is expected to follow the decision shortly.

Dassault Aviation has been in almost daily contact with Falcon 7X operators
providing step by step progress reports on the situation. The company’s target
is to have the whole fleet operational no later than early July.

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