Empire Aviation Group sees growth in Middle East


Dubai based company grows its charter activity as demands returns to the Middle East region.

                  Paras Dhamecha
Dubai based company grows its charter activity as demands returns to the Middle East region.

Austerity might be still having an effect elsewhere in the world but business in the Gulf continues to grow accotfing to the Empire aviation Group.

Business jet charter bookings have risen 12 per cent over the last year for the company. Charter industry rates are more competitive against commercial airlines, which is helping boost demand.

In the Middle East, company business charters dominate outside of the peak summer months, when leisure travel takes precedence with the Maldives and Seychelles included in the top leisure destinations.

Top corporate charter destinations this year include London, Paris, Hong Kong and Mumbai, with per seat rates for groups of business people flying on a private charter jet comparing favourably with first class seats on commercial flights; charter rates are currently ranging from around $2,000 (GCC) to around $10,000 (Europe) per seat for return flights, depending on the aircraft type, charter destination and duration.

According to EAG, the reasons for business charter vary and each mission is tailored to the specific needs of the travelling corporate executive, management team or business owner.

Common requests include corporate roadshows, where individuals or management teams fly around the region on multiple stopovers following an intensive travel itinerary. The business jet charter provides flexibility, convenience and in many cases, the only viable option, and where groups are involved, this can be a very cost effective way to travel compared to first class commercial air travel.

Paras Dhamecha, executive director of Empire Aviation Group said “Business jet charter declined in the region during the global economic downturn but is now returning strongly. The scale and diversity of our managed fleet – which includes business jets from all the major manufacturers – provides a range of aircraft options for business and leisure charter clients. Passengers enjoy flexible schedules, private terminal facilities with simple check-in procedures, privacy and convenience, safety and security, along with flexible personal services on the ground, such as luxury limousine transfers, and bespoke in-flight service options. Charter rates are also very competitive compared to first class commercial but the benefits are incomparable.”