Duncan Aviation’s Dustin Johnson named Component Repair Shop Supervisor


Dustin Johnson

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation has announced Dustin Johnson has accepted the Component Shop Supervisor’s position for Duncan Aviation’s Component Repair and Overhaul Services.

As the Shop Supervisor, Johnson leads more than 160 technicians to inspect, install, troubleshoot, service, and repair virtually every type of equipment an aircraft might have or need to have aboard. He has daily operational oversight of the avionics and accessories repair service teams located at the Lincoln, Neb., MRO facility and the accessories service teams at the Battle Creek, Mich., and Provo, Utah, MRO locations.

Shortly after high school, Johnson entered the Electronics Program at Southeast Community College in Lincoln. In 2003, while still in school, he was hired as a bench tech assistant in the Duncan Aviation avionics repair shop.

He grew technically in this position and was hired full-time in 2004​. While working his way through the different technical levels, his leadership skills were recognized, and he was promoted to Team Leader in 2010. Before assuming his current position, he was Team Leader of the ADF (Automatic Directional Finder) and DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) bench teams.

Together with his wife, Melysa, Johnson has two kids, a son (11 years) and a daughter (7 years). Like all busy parents, they spend much of their time at the many activities their children are involved in.