Dassault rolls out first Falcon 5X


Dassault has rolled out the first of its new $45 million Falcon 5X.

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The ceremony, in the French airframers Bordeaux manufacturing facility, was attended by customers, suppliers, and Dassault team members who worked on the aircraft.

Launched during the 2013 NBAA show in Las Vegas, the Falcon 5X is a large cabin twin engine business jet that can fly up to 5,200 nm.

“The Falcon 5X was designed to answer operator demand for an aircraft in the 5,000 nm range that could provide more space and comfort than existing large body jets while combining the handling qualities, the low speed performance and operating economics which are the hallmark of Falcons,” said chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation Eric Trappier. “Customers have already responded to the new aircraft with enthusiasm and we expect it to become every bit as popular as the 7X, the fastest selling Falcon we’ve ever built.”

As well as being a brand new clean sheet design, Dassault Falcon Jet’s president and ceo Jean Rosanvallon says that the the Falcon 5X will form the basis of the next generation of Falcon jets, with the company stretching or shortening the fuselage as the market defines.

The fuselage cross section of the new Falcon is a touch wider than the fuselage of the Gulfstream G650, something that the company is keen to emphasise, and almost certainly behind the F-WIDE registration of the first 5X.

Dassault currently has two aircraft completed, with both aircraft currently undergoing ground testing.

The company are aiming to give the Falcon 5X its maiden flight on August 4, two months and two days following the roll out.