Corporate Angel Network: Lending a hand with an empty leg


Amy, a mother of three and a cancer patient, required treatment every week for six weeks in Houston, Texas but she lives, along with husband, Marshall and three daughters, in Atlanta, Georgia. That is a 779-mile journey, over 14 hours by car.

It is thanks to Corporate Angel Network (CAN) that Amy was able to travel to Houston for her treatment and return home to her family on a corporate aircraft, avoiding airport terminals, which are stressful enough to someone without a life-threatening illness.

Now celebrating its 40th year, CAN has been helping cancer patients access critical care across the US since the early 1980s. Unfortunately, cancer is not going anywhere and whilst it remains CAN provides an essential service to patients in need.

In the simplest terms, CAN asks corporate flight departments to accept cancer patients as guests on their flights enabling those patients to access the specialised care they need. Typically, there are always empty seats on these flights, according to CAN – why not fill that space with someone who needs it?

“So, 40 years later the mission is still going strong,” Courtney Easton, marketing director, Corporate Angel Network told Corporate Jet Investor. “Cancer is still going strong, travel is still expensive, so our service is essential to these patients.”

CAN’s internal patient services team and the incredible support from their partners is why the organisation is able to complete the flight lift it does, according to Easton. “We partner with our network, working hard to engage doctors, social workers and our corporate partners. Without our network and team, we really wouldn’t be where we are today.”

As noted, CAN works with corporate flight departments to pair their live and empty business trips with patients who are going in the same direction. So, the majority of CAN’s patients fly with executives on board. That business model shifted slightly during the pandemic because executives were doing a lot less flying.

[Instead] We began to utilise either dedicated flights, maintenance runs, pilot proficiency tests and other routine flights,” said Easton. “It was a little bit different, but now as things begin to open up again and we emerge from the pandemic we are matching over 125 flights per month.”

Pre-pandemic the network was averaging 250 flights per month. “While we are thrilled to have our completed flights increasing, but we know there are more patients out there who need us, so we need to get that flight lift up.” CAN is working diligently to encourage corporations to assist the organisation in its work, this means working with existing contacts and encouraging new companies to sign up.

“In talking to our partners, it is incredible to hear about how what we’re doing impacts them day-to-day. It can really give companies and their staff a new sense of meaning and purpose. We are always trying to find new partners, so if anyone if interested please reach out to us,” says Easton.

You can get in contact with CAN or find out more information on the services the network provides here or via Courtney below.

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