CitationAir offers recalls to all furloughed pilots


Company extends invitation to all the pilots it furloughed in the recession

CitationAir recently
announced that it has invited all of the pilots the company had placed on
furlough during the economic downturn to return to work.

CitationAir placed 85 pilots on furlough in
2009 in order to right-size the business and be in line with customer demand
during the recession, consequently cutting the company’s pilot force down to
307 people. As of today, all of the company’s furloughed pilots have been
offered a recall. Of those 85 pilots, 53 have returned to CitationAir, bringing
the company’s pilot force up to 334.

“CitationAir has made strides in the past
couple of years not only to survive the recession, but to grow the business
afterward, a feat of which we’re very proud,” Steve O’Neill chief executive
officer said. “In doing so, CitationAir is the only company in the private jet
marketplace to have offered a recall to 100 percent of its pilots after a
furlough. Our ability to offer a recall to all of our furloughed pilots is just
one of many examples of how much we honor our workforce, our company, and the
value we’re able to provide our customers.”

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