Cessna at 2011 AOPA


Company shows wide range of single engine and business jet aircraft

Cessna Aircraft displayed a wide array of
aircraft at the AOPA Aviation Summit in Hartford
and celebrated 15 years of operation at its Independence facility where Cessna
single-engine pistons and business jets are produced.

On static display at Hartford-Brainard
Airport, the company showed off its 162 Skycatcher, 182T Turbo Skylane, 206T Turbo
Stationair, 208B Grand Caravan, Citation Mustang High Sierra edition and
Citation CJ4.

Cessna is also celebrating 15 years of production
at its Independence facility, which opened in 1996
after the passage of the US
General Aviation Revitalization Act in 1994. Cessna discontinued single-engine
piston aircraft production in Wichita
in the 1980s due in part to rising liability costs.

Operations in Independence include assembly, paint,
installation of interiors and delivery of all seven single-engine piston
aircraft models as well as the Citation Mustang business jet. The first
Independence-produced single-engine piston came off the line in November 1996
and the facility has delivered more than 9,000 single-engine pistons and more
than 350 Citation Mustangs. In total, Cessna has produced more than 154,500
single-engine pistons since the company’s founding in 1927.

“Being an aviation pioneer with our
single-engine products for more than 80 years and knowing that our aircraft
have trained thousands of pilots is something to be proud of,” said Jodi Noah,
Cessna vice president of single engine/propeller aircraft. “To be able to
continue to produce those quality, steadfast aircraft at our facility in Independence with highly
skilled Cessnans is worthy of celebration.”