CAMO4jets receives EASA authorisation


CAMO4jets have received EASA authorisation for airworthiness reviews on all Citation and Embraer aircraft

CAMO4jets AG has received EASA authorisation to perform airworthiness reviews (ARC) and CAMO management for all Cessna Citation models, as well as all Embraer business and commercial aircraft. The authorisations enhance CAMO4jet’s expanding line of CAMO services, which includes airworthiness reviews and CAMO management on a significant range of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, and Gulfstream models.

“This new development boosts our comprehensive CAMO offerings,” said Colin Brickman, continuing airworthiness manager at CAMO4jets. “The authorisations help us fill a growing niche and serve the many operators that want to outsource their CAMO to airworthiness specialists like ourselves.”

Since its launch in 2010, CAMO4jets has become known for its specifically tailored management service packages. The group already boasts a range of CAMO approvals including EASA (Part M, Subpart G & I), Cayman Islands CAA and Bermuda DCA. “Many operators are finding that outsourcing a CAMO is an intelligent way to delegate responsibility,” said Brickman. “There are many obvious benefits such as stricter cost control, higher aircraft utilisation, reduced ground-times and improved dispatch reliability. We have taken legal responsibility for CAMOs on behalf of a range of operators, and because our engineers have experience stretching back over 25 years, we offer consistent and reliable service.”